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DIN 1587 - 2014 Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts

Technical Data:


Material:Stainless steel 304-A2,316-A4

DIN 1587 - 2014 Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts


The stainless steel hexagon domed cap nuts are the type of fastener which gets its name from its shape. Acorn nut is its common name and it is also called a crown hex nut, blind nut, cap nut or domed cap nut. It is a nut that has a domed top to cover the threads. This is to prevent contact with the external thread to protect the threads or protect other things the threads would rub against. In addition the dome gives a more finished appearance. It is usually made of brass, steel, stainless steel (low carbon content) or nylon. It can also be chrome plated and given a mirror finish.

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