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G209 US Type Screw Pin Anchor Shackles

Screw pin shackles (also known as screw pin bow shackles) are designed to offer the security of a strong connection with the ease of a quick release pin. The bow shape has the ability to handle a wider variety of connections and multi-dimensional pulling, as opposed to chain shackles (also called D shackles) which have a more narrow profile and are meant to be used for straight line pulls.

The screw pin mechanism makes screw pin anchor shackles a good choice for temporary lifting jobs or those that require frequent connects and disconnects because the quick-release pin action is faster to attach and detach than a shackle with a round pin.

Tianjin Founder can supply galvanized shackle & stainless steel shackle, base your decision on the possibility of water exposure. While galvanized shackles do have a thin coating of zinc oxide to protect the steel from elements that lead to corrosion and oxidation, stainless steel offers more corrosion resistance, so it’s best for marine applications and other jobs where there’s a high concentration of water or moisture.

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