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  • What do you know about steel wire rope

    Do you want to know something about wire rope ? Tianjin Founder has a wide selection of wire ropes to choose from, and all of them are standard cables designed to resist corrosion, abrasion and high tensile forces. We understands rope design and are experts in combining design and aesthetics so that every rope is value added and meets customer satisfacti...

  • What Accessories Do You Need for a Shade Sails Installation?

    Best Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hardware for Shade Sails Project

  • Difference Between Stainless Steel 304 and 316

    do you know what the different between ss316 and ss304 ? this article will help you

  • The guide to Shading sails installation

    The choice of a tent for the outdoors allows to create a protected and shady space without the need for permanent masonry work, which allows to maintain an exceptional value for money.

    The design, as well as the installation, can be done by everyone, simply by following the advice and the basic rules that we will give you....

  • Waterproof or breathable sails? Discover the benefits of both fabrics for Shade Sails

    There are two types of EasyShade sails: waterproof sails and breathable sails. Let's discover together the characteristics and benefits of these two types.

  • How to Stretch the Shade Sails Properly

    Proper sail tension is essential to achieve an aesthetically flawless result and optimal performance in terms of resistance to wind, rain or hail.

  • What Do You Need To Know The Sun Shade Sails?

    How to install sun shade sails
    How to install a sail stretched with a mast?
    How do I install a shading veil in a wall mount?
    How do you heat up your shading canvas?

  • How to Install Turnbuckle

    Turnbuckles are used to take up slack and apply tension to a rigging assembly.
    Now We can discuss how to select and install turnbuckle as below:

  • Shade Sail Hardware For Shade Structure

    We know that select the right fabric of the shade structure is the key , But you didn't know the shade sail hardware is also very important.

  • How to Fit Swageless Steel Wire Rope Terminal Fittings

    Tianjin Founder Metal Co.,Ltd supply high quality stainless steel wire rope fittings for various uses including architectural,marine,yacht rigging and structural applications!

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