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Rigging Hardware Inspection Tips (Shackle & Turnbuckle)

Time: 2019-01-08

Rigging is the most imperative aspect of lifting loads during various crane operations. Even with the safest crane and equipment, rigging always plays a major role in ensuring smooth crane operations and improved security.

Individuals responsible for carrying out rigging should be experienced professionals, who thoroughly understand the rigging and its procedures. Safety is the most significant aspect of rigging. After all, the main purpose of rigging is to help reduce or eliminate injuries and accidents.


1.Shackles should be visually inspected before each use in line

2.Shackles must be properly used to avoid damage and wear. Remember, the WLL is reduced depending on the angle your hanging load is pulling. Always refer to a competent and skilled rigger if there is any doubt on proper installation.

Shackles should be discarded from use if any of the following conditions are visible:

* Any parts are worn more than 10% of the original dimensions

* Load bearing components are bent, twisted, distorted, stretched, elongated, cracked, or broken

* Excessive pitting, corrosion, nicks or gouges

* Indication of heat damage

* Missing or illegible manufacturer’s name or trademark, WLL or size

* Load pins have bent or have visible damaged threads

* Cotter pins or hairpin retainers are damaged

The use of shackles in rigging is extremely common, and must be installed correctly each time for safety. Never hang something if you have any doubt on the correct protocol and technique that you should follow.


* All turnbuckles are to be inspected at least once a year by a surveyor for proper functioning and damages

* Turnbuckles should be checked visually every day during use

* Turnbuckles should be taken apart at least every 4 years by a specialist for inspection of wear, hidden damages, or cracks

* If possible, turnbuckles should be tested by an authorized testing body every 4 years

Remove turnbuckles from service if any of the following conditions are visible: 

* All markings are not legible

* Threads of the pin and/or body are damaged

* The body and pin are distorted or unduly worn

* Turnbuckle has been modified, repaired, or reshaped by heating (will affect working load limit)

Always use turnbuckles properly and within their denoted working load limit. As all rigging hardware and rigging applications, trained supervisors and workers must have an expert knowledge on proper installation and inspection to ensure safety.

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